Salvation Jayne at Brook Village BBQ – 4th July

We look forward to welcoming Salvation Jayne to Brook for the first time.  Formed in early 2014, the band consists of; Holly Kinnear (Guitar), Amy Benham (Vocals), Dan Lucas (Bass) and Lucy foster (Drums). With a mutual passion for the Blues they teamed together to create a unique sound that is energetic, dirty and dynamic. The band takes influence from early Blues artists such as Leadbelly and Blind Willie McTell through to The Black Keys and Royal Blood.

Although they are a fairly new band Salvation Jayne are already in demand with venues eager to book them and loyal followers travelling around the county to show their support.

2014 has certainly proved to be busy for Salvation Jayne – with two EP’s already recorded (available to download at, a live studio session of James Brown’s ‘Man’s World’ (available on YouTube) and numerous gigs already under their belts.

After a productive first year together, 2015 is shaping up to be much the same. The band already has plans in the pipeline to record a brand new single and the release of their first music video – on top of this continuing to gig around the UK introducing music lovers to their unique style of blues. If you have not already experienced this band, be sure to check them out.

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